Skype – free phone over the Internet

Internet, global information network is very well known today and there is almost no business person who has not used it one way or another. We are using it the most for browsing World Wide Web, looking for information of all kinds. Next to that, we are using it very often as a media for transmission of electronic mail and for access to different types of electronic services like e-banking e-shoping, e-learning, etc. But do you know that over the Internet one can talk with the other Internet users free of charge and with the fixed and mobile phone users at very favorable prices.

One of programs which is enabling that is Skype. That program offers voice and data transmission over the Internet at quality which is similar to classic telephony. All you need to communicate using Skype is computer with Internet link with satisfactory data transfer rate (ADSL, GPRS or similar), microphone, head-phones or speaker and program which can be downloaded from If you want as well to send your video, next to that you will need a web camera too.

Possibility of organizing conference calls and transfer of video are providing you with the opportunity of having virtual meetings, what can help you reduce traveling costs. However, the real saving comes from international calls, supported by SkypeOut service. Using it, you can talk with whole world at the cost of local call. Namely, the call is routed free of charge through the Internet to the country of your choice and then, through so called gateway, exits to local telephone network.