Application Of ICT In Business

Contemporary technologies are enabling significant improvements in business. However, very often that also requires significant investments in the equipment and in the development of own employees. For individual entrepreneur that could be too demanding and cost-inefficient, but in the network of users, synergetic effects are giving possibilities for small businesses to use solutions that used to be available only to large systems.

One of the examples are Server Computers. Although hardware itself is not such a problem in terms of financing, computer operating systems and computer networks are becoming so complex that one individual can not take proper care of them on his own. On the other hand, quite often small businesses could not afford even that one single person to maintain their computer system, not to mention several of them specialized in different areas.

Yet, what is not feasible in economy of small figures, could become feasible in economy of scales. In that respect, in cooperation with our business partners we are able to offer our Customers services of computer systems administration, even computer center hosting, if required.

Then, there is also possibility of setting up a Call Center, through which we can provide our Customer professional and quality communication with its clients and other business partners. That service is also too expensive for small business, especially with 24/7 operation, but synergetic effect of such a service for more entrepreneurs is significantly decreasing the cost and make the service available even for small businesses.