Frequently asked questions


By combining his/her knowledge and skills with practical experience, business consultant is a person that could help you introduce good business principles, proven in practice, into your business operations.  After getting an insight in your business, business consultant could suggest you changes in your business operations which are in line with your needs and capacities, and provide you with the support in the implementation of those changes.

Good business consultant has rich business experience and corresponding references. Knowledge and skills are prerequisites for business consulting, but practical experience makes the difference. The second important characteristic of good business consultant is work “with the client”, not “for the client”. Instead of offering you ready-made solutions, and keeping own knowledge for him-/herself, good business consultant shall work together with you on solving business challenges and support you in developing your own knowledge and skills.

Depending on the problem that needs to be solved, certain level of industry specific knowledge from your or some other close industry will be required. However, sometimes it is better when business consultant is newcomer in the industry, because he/she will not be biased by industry specific standardized practices.