Preparing applications for grant schemes

Beside various forms of financial support provided from the national budget, after the Croatian accession to the European Union, Croatian citizens and entrepreneurs became eligible for the financial support from the EU Structural Funds. In order to realize that support it is necessary to prepare extensive documentation and for that are frequently used consultants’ services.

But the real work on the preparation of the application begins before writing the application documents. In fact, for successful application and obtaining grant aid, the key thing is to have a project comprehensively designed and prepared. And it is on that topic where one can recognize an experienced and quality consultant. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find on the market “consultants”, who will take the money from the client and, with no understanding of the subject and going into a detailed analysis, write an application that does not meet the minimum professional criteria. It is very likely that such an application will be rejected, and that no grant will be awarded on the basis of it.

In a continuous effort to ensure highly professional service for our clients, our cooperation with them on preparing the application documents for grants, always starts by collecting data about the project and conducting quick assessment whether it is mature enough. Only when we tell the client what might be possible drawbacks, if there are any, of course, and agree the way and the timeframe in which they will be eliminated, we sign a contract and start to work. Thanks to this approach, on several occasions, our clients have timely realized the high probability of non-acceptance of their application, and gave up on its submission, thus saving themselves substantial costs.