We are providing our customers with services aimed at business improvement:

  • Project Management
    Although active participation of internal people, as well as their sense of belonging to the project are vital for its successful execution,  small and medium entrepreneurs often don’t have sufficient number of own experts for managing projects of higher complexity, or their experts don’t have enough experience on such projects. On the other hand, some projects, especially projects of business restructuring, are sometimes very hard Više »
  • Business Consulting
    In market economy, an entrepreneur is continuously facing requests for changes and improvements in his business, in order to be able to survive in ever growing competition. Therefore, we are offering to our clients Business Consulting Services as a support in operational management improvements as well as in business strategy (re)definition and business (re)structuring, using our EPIC Methodology. In modern business management more and more Više »
  • Preparing applications for grant schemes
    Beside various forms of financial support provided from the national budget, after the Croatian accession to the European Union, Croatian citizens and entrepreneurs became eligible for the financial support from the EU Structural Funds. In order to realize that support it is necessary to prepare extensive documentation and for that are frequently used consultants’ services. But the real work on the preparation of the application begins Više »
  • Quality Management
    For the concept of quality there is no clear definition, and it is used in various ways. However, there is always a positive value and reflects something good and desirable. Therefore, in the business context quality something pursued. Numerous entrepreneurs wanting to achieve and maintain the quality of the business, the company introduced its quality management systems (QMS). Unfortunately, many experiences from practice show that, once Više »
  • Interim Management (Rent-a-Manager)
    In their operations, small and medium entrepreneurs are often facing a challenge of lack of competent people for performing certain more complex assignments. The reasons for that could be different: • Current scope of works does not justify full-time employment of experienced manager, • Unexpected leave of experienced manager, while his internal successor is not ready yet, • Unplanned increase of scope of works, which is not expected to last for Više »
  • Education
    We would like to share our rich business experience, gained through the years of managerial work, with our customers and to help them to solve the challenges which they are facing faster and easier. Since this is more about transferring practical knowledge gained from hands-on experience, our educational programs are mainly designed as workshops, where the learning effect is achieved in interaction between the trainer and trainee. Depending on Više »
  • Application Of ICT In Business
    Contemporary technologies are enabling significant improvements in business. However, very often that also requires significant investments in the equipment and in the development of own employees. For individual entrepreneur that could be too demanding and cost-inefficient, but in the network of users, synergetic effects are giving possibilities for small businesses to use solutions that used to be available only to large systems. One of the Više »