Interim Management (Rent-a-Manager)

In their operations, small and medium entrepreneurs are often facing a challenge of lack of competent people for performing certain more complex assignments. The reasons for that could be different:

• Current scope of works does not justify full-time employment of experienced manager,
• Unexpected leave of experienced manager, while his internal successor is not ready yet,
• Unplanned increase of scope of works, which is not expected to last for a long time,
• Need to perform one-time job, or execute a project for which there are no internal resources available,
• etc.

Although it is common practice in developed economies, using interim managers in Republic of Croatia is still on its very beginnings. One of the reasons for that could be wide-spread thinking of entrepreneurs that only a person fully dependant on the company could properly represent interests of that company.

However, such a way of thinking is easy to challenge. If that would be true, then none of the operations important for company would have been outsourced. When we know that nowadays large number of activities, from accounting, legal and IT services, through cleaning, transportation and delivery, all the way to production itself, are outsourced, then there is no reason not to outsource, for time-limited period, part of managerial duties.

Therefore, we are offering our clients services of interim managers in different business areas, tailored to their needs. Some of the advantages offered that way you can find HERE.