About us

Nenad Buljan, The Company Founder

The founder of the company is Mr. Nenad Buljan, an entrepreneur who gained broad business experience working on senior and top management functions in different industries.

Working in companies of different profiles – service and production, national and international, he was facing numerous business challenges. Looking for their solutions and finding them, he has noticed that very often those solutions were known before, but their “owners” were not ready to share them.

Therefore, led by the idea that the knowledge only has its value when it is shared with someone and when it is used for a good purpose, Mr. Buljan has decided to set up his own consulting company. Through it, he intends to share his rich business experience, combined with broad knowledge and skills gained through different managerial education programs, with those who need it, primarily with small and medium entrepreneurs.


Our Vision:

“To make modern business practice available to all levels of business”

Our mission:

“To create centers of business excellence in small and medium enterprises”


Modus Melior d.o.o. za poslovno savjetovanje
Bratina 198 B, Bratina
Upisano u registar Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu, MBS: 080643344
Temeljni kapital: 20.000,00 HRK, uplaćen u cijelosti
MB: 02335492
OIB: 94650022178
Direktor: N. Buljan
Transakcijski račun IBAN HR86 2360 0001 1020 0272 7 otvoren kod Zagrebačke banke d.d., Zagreb, Trg bana J. Jelačića 10