• Interim manager is involved only in the time period when client really needs him,
  • Since he doesn’t have Employment contract with the client, interim manager can be engaged as agreed: two days per week, 50 hours per month, or whatever client needs, instead of having full monthly quota of working hours,
  • The fact that special projects and one-time assignments are initiated from time to time and are usually time-limited, could be very de-motivating for experienced managers to leave their current jobs and join the company,
  • Typically, long-term position of interim manager is not associated with the client’s company, so he wouldn’t see co-workers as competitors and therefore he will be more open for cooperation with them and for support to their individual development,
  • Total costs of interim manager are clearly defined in advance by the contract, so there are neither unforeseen expenses nor any other material benefits based on Labor law or Internal labor regulations,
  • In case of decrease in workload or clients dissatisfaction with the interim manager’s performance, contract termination is quick and simple, unlike in case of standard Employment and/or Managerial contract.