EPIC Methodology

EPIC is an acronym for:

valuation of Customer’s status
Planning of activities for business process improvement
Implementation of planned activities
Control of outcomes and assurance of their sustainability

Generally, we start our projects by conducting detailed analysis of current status of the company (As-Is). Based on the results we identify business segments in which are changes most important or which are giving the biggest opportunities for improvement.

After that, together with our Customer, we are defining Key Performance Indicators – KPI, and based on available data about competitors and Customer’s target market we are defining their desired values (To-Be). For such targets we are determining time frame in which they are realistically achievable and then proposing and, together with the Customer, planning activities for reaching those targets.

For successful execution of the project, it is vital that “Key Players” on Customer’s side take over the “ownership” of the project. Therefore in execution phase we are often present as a support in project management, or as supervisor of project’s execution, while the main roles on project are given to Customer’s internal experts. Of course, should the Customer ask for it, we are ready to take over operational assignments on the project.

After all planned activities are completed, in cooperation with Customer we perform different checks to determine if all desired goals are reached. If yes, Customer needs to perform regular checks of compliance of its operations with new operating procedures in order to have sustainable improvement and we are available to provide advice how to do it. If, however, goals are not reached, we are checking for the reasons why was it so and proposing corrective actions. Finally we are performing analysis of further improvement possibilities and the process starts from the beginning again, but this time from the higher level.